Your spine is the backbone of your health — literally.

Spinal health is absolutely vital when it comes to having good health throughout your whole body, which is why chiropractic care so important. Our goal is to keep your spine healthy and aligned, with the proper muscle tone around the spine so that your body can thrive.

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Increased Movement

Not only will spinal health increase the flexibility of your spine, reducing risk of injury, but it will also allow increased movement across the rest of your body. Since everything in your body is ultimately connected to the spine in some way, good spinal health will allow proper nerve function and blood flow, leading to increased health in the limbs and other joints. A key to health is being able to move regularly and comfortably so that you can exercise and live your life fully, and having good spinal health will help you achieve that pain-free and flexible movement throughout the entirety of your body.

Increased movement at Premier Chiropractic
Good Posture and Proper Balance at Premier Chiropractic

Good Posture and Proper Balance

Your spine is meant to have curves, and those curves allow for good posture and proper balance across your body. Having those ideal curves will reduce the likelihood of spinal misalignments and nerve interference, leading to better spinal and overall health. When you experience the feeling of being in the neutral spine position where your skull, rib cage, and pelvis are all in proper alignment, your body has more balance and stability. Our focus at Premier Chiropractic is to allow your body to balance itself with an optimal spinal curve.

Muscle Strength

Having strong back muscles is not just about being able to lift heavy things or work out effectively. Strong back muscles are vital to the health of your spine and your overall wellness. The muscles surrounding your spine are in the back and the abdomen. Regular exercise can help strengthen these muscles, but so can chiropractic. Using these muscles and ensuring they are tonally balanced and strong will decrease back pain, improve physical health, and increase spinal health.

Chiropractic and muscle strength, Premier Chiropractic

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